Kano’s Hisbah Restrict DJs at Women’s Parties


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The Kano State Hisbah Board, otherwise known as the Sharia Police, has ordered a ban against male Disc Jockeys from events dominated by women across the state.

The decision was revealed by the Commander General of the Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, during a meeting with representatives of DJs in the state recently.

He said, “As an Islamic state, it is unacceptable for us to allow the indiscriminate mixing of males and females at the same event. This is because this act can promote and spread immorality.”

He explained that only women would be allowed henceforth to officiate at women’s gatherings.

Sheikh Daurawa noted that the prohibition aimed to prevent the mixing of men and women during public events, citing religious and moral concerns.

He stressed that as a state guided by Islamic laws, it was imperative to uphold standards that discourage actions deemed contrary to Islamic tenets and teachings.

A journalist with Trust TV, Jamil Mabai, has narrated how he was detained by the Katsina State Hisbah Corps while at the corps’ office on official duty.

The journalist explained that he had gone to the corps headquarters for a follow-up interview with the corps’ Public Relations Officer, Nafiu Akilu, over an incident involving their officers.

He revealed that he had wanted to interview the corps’ PRO over a resident, Mallam Gambo, who was shot dead by an officer of the Community Watch Corps.

According to him, while Hisbah officials were trying to shut down a wedding with a DJ, the shots that killed the resident were fired by an operative of the Community Watch Corps tasked with defending communities against bandits attacks.

Mabai said upon getting to the Hibah headquarters for the scheduled interview, he couldn’t get the PRO but unknown to him, his (PRO’s) unavailability was a set-up to detain him.

While waiting, he explained that Hisbah officers approached, detained, and confiscated his phone with claims that their action was an “order from above.”

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