SHAIBU: Ousted Edo Deputy Governor Calls Impeachment Illegal, Threat to Democracy



Philip Shaibu has said that his impeachment as the Edo State deputy governor is illegal and a threat to the nation’s democracy.

In a reaction via a video shared on his X account, Shaibu denounced the impeachment.

He said in part, “It is with heavy heart yet a resolute spirit that I come before you to address the recent events that have unfolded within our dear state. I denounce in strongest terms the illegal impeachment by the Edo state house of assembly over trumped-up charges, this is not just an attack on me as an individual but on the very democratic principles that we hold dear.

“It’s a dangerous descent into dictatorship, a threat to the foundation of our democracy. Let it be clear that this impeachment was hatched because of my ambition to contest the Edo Governorship election 2024 under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”


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