Peter Obi Calls for Targeted Electricity Price Hike, Increased Power Generation



Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, on Sunday, sparked debate with comments regarding the recent electricity tariff hike in the country.

Obi said this in Bauchi on Sunday when he commissioned a water project he donated to Sabo Layi Community along Bauchi-Ningi Road.

Obi described his approach as a community-based needs assessment. “[We’ve been] going round communities…to learn and understand about their livelihood,” they said, highlighting their desire to offer targeted assistance.

On the issue of the tariff hike, he proposed a nuanced approach. Obi suggested tiered pricing, where wealthier areas with more stable power supply would pay a higher rate. However, the former Anambra Governor acknowledged the hardship faced by most Nigerians, stating, “We need to do a lot in the area of power generation…the majority of Nigerians are suffering.”

Nigerians have been grappling with rising electricity costs in recent months. The government has defended the hike, citing the need to improve the power sector. However, critics argue that the increase will disproportionately burden low-income earners and stifle economic growth.


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