DStv Subscribers Experience Déjà-Vu: Another “Surprise” (Maybe Not?) Price Hike!


MultiChoice Increases Subscription Fee Of GOtv, DStv Packages

In a move that surprised absolutely no one (except maybe the pigeons nesting on their DStv dishes), MultiChoice, the parent company of DStv, has once again “adjusted” their subscription packages.

Twitter, naturally, erupted faster than a toddler denied candy, with hilarious memes and scathing commentary taking center stage.





However, in a plot twist worthy of a telenovela, an anonymous source claiming to be a DStv employee spilled the tea (or should we say hibiscus tea?) to Moji Delano Blog. Apparently, the price increases weren’t for subscriptions themselves, but for the decoders – those little black boxes that, let’s face it, haven’t exactly changed much since the dial-up internet days.

So, DStv subscribers, rejoice! (Sort of.) You can keep your carefully curated bouquet of channels (and your sanity) for now. But maybe invest in some bubble wrap for that increasingly valuable decoder. You never know when another “adjustment” might come knocking.

In the meantime, we here at Moji Delano Blog suggest stocking up on popcorn and downloading some classic Nollywood movies. After all, sometimes, the best entertainment is free (and doesn’t come with a monthly bill that makes you cry).

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