Minister Says NLC Protest “Not Effective,” Calls for Different Approach



Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, minister of women affairs, says the recent protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) against the rising cost of living was a “mere distraction”.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Monday, Kennedy-Ohanenye said the country needs “constructive ways” to tackle its challenges.

“Now that NLC has gone out to protest, what have they done? It’s just a mere distraction of the federal government but the kind of action that you people (Integrity Brigade) will take, you will see the effect,” she said.

“It will be loud and clear, that is why I said there is no need for that. If you do things without the end result, what is it for?

“Let’s focus on constructive ways of solving our problems by coming out bold and clear with what we want.”

The minister said on March 7, President Bola Tinubu would unveil “PBAT cares for Nigerian women”, a programme seeking to empower women in the country.

Kennedy-Ohanenye said she is establishing a body known as “Integrity Brigade” which would ensure that funds sourced by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for women and children would be used for that purpose.

“The president has endorsed a mobile court to address violence – minor issues of violence against women and children,” the minister said.

“The most important is the Integrity Brigade which all of you are joining and most Nigerians will volunteer to come in.

“Our royal fathers and religious leaders across the country, both Muslims and Christians, are equally coming and joining the Integrity Brigade.

“The Integrity Brigade will ensure that any decision made concerning Nigeria must be the one to benefit Nigerians. Even if you are an NGO, if you want to write for support for Nigerians, you must bring support that will bring sustainable empowerment.

“Not support that you will use advocacies, meetings, consultancies and siphon monies you bought on behalf of Nigerians – that is what the Integrity Brigade is all about.

“The Integrity Brigade will inform Nigerians what is going on. If the money is meant for A, the Integrity Brigade will ensure that it is pushed to A. If it is not pushed to A, the Integrity Brigade will inform Nigerians what is going on.”

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