Fresh National Grid Collapse Raises Fears of Nationwide Blackout


National Grid

Nigeria has yet again suffered another nationwide blackout as the national electricity grid, centrally managed from Osogbo, Osun State, suffered a collapse at approximately 4:30pm on Thursday, leaving millions of homes and businesses without power.

This development marks the fourth time the grid is collapsing in the first three months of the year, adding to challenges that have long plagued Nigeria’s power sector.

According to reports from various distribution companies (DisCos) spanning the nation’s 36 States, their feeders were rendered inactive, resulting in widespread blackouts across the country.

The grid’s output, which stood at 2,984 megawatts as of 4pm on Thursday, plummeted to zero within the span of an hour, with all 21 plants connected to the grid ceasing operations by 5pm.


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