Pastor Odukoya Links Manhood to Work, Advises Women to Marry “Kinetic” Men (VIDEO)



In a sermon titled “What Is Love?”, Senior Pastor Jimmy Odukoya of the Fountain of Life Church offered a unique perspective on marriage, linking manhood to work and urging women to seek partners who are actively pursuing their goals.

Work as the Foundation of Manhood:

Odukoya emphasized the importance of work in defining masculinity, stating, “God created man and he put him to work… A man finds purpose in his work.” He argued that men who are not working cannot truly be considered men, drawing on the biblical reference to Adam’s role in the Garden of Eden.

Work as a Prerequisite for Marriage:

Taking this argument further, Odukoya declared, “As a man you cannot be thinking of marriage if you don’t have work, just stop.” He implied that financial stability and demonstrated work ethic are essential qualities for men seeking marriage.

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Beyond Potential, Seek Active Pursuit:

Odukoya offered advice to women, urging them to “marry kinetic” instead of “potential.” He explained, “Kinetic is energy in motion… Marry a man that you can tell by what he is doing that he is going somewhere.” This suggests prioritizing men who are actively pursuing their aspirations and demonstrating their drive through concrete actions.

Beyond the Sermon:

The sermon raises questions about the evolving definitions of masculinity and femininity in contemporary Nigerian society. It also highlights the complex interplay of faith, cultural expectations, and economic realities in shaping marriage choices.

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