DSS Warns of Potential Violence During Planned Protests, Appeals for Dialogue



In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Department of State Services (DSS) expressed concerns about the potential for violence during upcoming nationwide protests planned by organized labor unions.

The statement, signed by Dr. Peter Afunanya, Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications, warned that “some elements are planning to use the opportunity of the protest to foment crisis and by extension, widespread violence.”

Citing potential threats to public order and security, the DSS urges the unions to reconsider their planned action:

  • Security Concerns: The statement highlights intelligence suggesting that “hoodlums and subversive elements” may seek to exploit the protests for their own agendas, potentially leading to violence and further worsening the socio-economic situation.
  • Appeal for Dialogue: The DSS emphasizes the government’s efforts to address the economic challenges and encourages the unions to explore alternative avenues for dialogue and engagement with the authorities.
  • Time for Solutions: The statement acknowledges the difficulties faced by Nigerians but suggests that the government deserves a “benefit of the doubt” to find solutions, citing ongoing efforts by authorities to address the issues.

Reactions and Potential Implications:

The DSS statement comes amidst growing tensions following the announcement of two-day protests planned by labor unions for February 27th and 28th. Whether the unions will heed the DSS’s appeal remains to be seen. This development raises concerns about potential disruptions to public order and adds another layer of complexity to the current economic and social climate in Nigeria.

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