Avista Resort Clears Misconceptions Surrounding Lagos Prophet’s Drowning on Valentine’s Day


Avista Resort

Uncertainty surrounds the death of Lagos-based prophet Oriyomi Remilekun, who reportedly drowned during a Valentine’s Day celebration at Avista Resort in Ajah.

Circumstances of the Drowning:

According to sources who spoke to MDB, Remilekun led a group of youths from his white garment church to the beach on February 17th. The picnic reportedly continued into the evening before Remilekun’s disappearance was noticed. His companions launched a search, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Avista Resort’s Response:

Avista Beach management confirmed the incident but stated that Remilekun’s body was found on a separate beach within the community.

This was contained in a press release issued on Thursday, February 22.

It reads, “Our dear esteemed and valued customers and the General Public, we thank you so much for your concern, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends affected by the tragic incident that occurred last Saturday at the beach, our thoughts and prayers are with the Family during this difficult time.

“Given the seriousness of the matter, it is very imperative for us to make some very important clarifications by stating the sequence of events and timelines on that fateful day, in order to correct some misconception and misrepresentation of Facts , as being propagated against our establishment in the Media space

“The deceased, accompanied by 14 others, including his girlfriend, arrived at our establishment, Avista Resort , around 7:30 PM on Saturday 17th of February 2024 for an evening at our Resort. they were given access to our Resort because they came with hand tags from the Hotel next to our Resort, with whom we have an agreement to allow their guests to have access to our Resort, however they brought there own foods and beverages which was against our policy , but the manager eventually allowed them to bring in the items after so much pleading.”

The management of Avista Resort further said, “The deceased and his friends sat at one of our Cabanas, after some time the group decided to proceed further to the Beach Front , It is worth noting that signage on our premises clearly indicates the absence of lifeguards, and visitors are advised to exercise caution, particularly during night time hours when tidal currents may vary.

“At approximately 9:00 PM on the same day while they were bound to return to their hotel which was nearby. they realized that the deceased was not amongst them, they went back to the Beach Front to search for him but couldn’t find him, eventually the group including the deceased girlfriend left the resort without seeing him.

“Once again, please note that neither the deceased nor his friends were lodging or had accomodation at our Resort.

“The following morning, the family returned with law enforcement officers, alleging that their brother had been kidnapped by Avista. We wish to emphasize that such accusations are unfounded and deeply regrettable.

“Throughout our operational history, incidents of this nature have been unprecedented, and we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of hospitality and securityas a leading brand in the hospitality industry

“Currently, the matter is still under investigation by the Nigerian police, and the deceased’s body was tragically discovered at another beach Front about Six (6) kilometers from Avista Beach Resort , it will undergo a thorough autopsy.

“While we await the conclusion of the authorities’ inquiry, we want to assure everyone that Avista Resort will vigorously pursue legal action against any party engaged in defamatory or malicious behavior, ensuring that justice is served.

“Once again, our deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this devastating loss.”

The incident has understandably generated concern within the local community. Prompt and transparent investigation by relevant authorities is vital to address public anxieties and ensure accountability.

The statement clarifies that the deceased and his friends were not staying at the resort and denies accusations of kidnapping.

Timeline and Key Points:

  • The deceased and his friends visited the resort on February 17, and sat at a cabana before heading towards the beach.
  • Signage at the resort warns of the absence of lifeguards and urges caution, especially at night due to tidal currents.
  • Around 9:00 PM, the friends realized the deceased was missing and searched for him before leaving the resort without finding him.
  • The family returned the next morning with authorities, alleging kidnapping, which the resort denies.
  • The deceased’s body was later discovered on a different beach approximately 6 kilometers away.
  • An autopsy is pending, and the Nigerian police are investigating.
  • Avista Resort emphasizes its commitment to safety and guest well-being, stating no similar incidents have occurred in the past.
  • They reserve the right to pursue legal action against anyone spreading false information or engaging in defamatory behavior.
  • The statement concludes with condolences to those affected by the tragedy.

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