PDP’s Bwala Meets Tinubu in Paris: A Political Rendezvous Sparks Speculation



In a surprise development, Daniel Bwala, former spokesperson for the PDP’s 2023 presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, met with President Bola Tinubu in Paris, France, on Monday, January 29. The meeting, confirmed by Bwala himself on X (formerly Twitter), has sent shockwaves through Nigerian political circles, igniting a flurry of speculation about its purpose and potential ramifications.

Bwala’s tweet, simply stating “It was a pleasure to meet with the father of the nation President Bola Tinubu in Paris today,” provided little insight into the nature of the encounter. Further fueling the flames of intrigue, he added, “He continues to share his thoughts and demonstrate his passion to lead Nigeria out of the woods.”

This cryptic message leaves room for interpretation, with analysts dissecting the potential implications:

Is Bwala defecting to the APC? Bwala’s vocal support for Atiku during the campaign, coupled with his resignation from the APC in 2023, made his meeting with Tinubu seem particularly striking. Could this be a signal of a shift in political allegiances?

Is there a political deal in the works? Some speculate that the meeting could be linked to potential negotiations between the PDP and APC, possibly related to upcoming legislative or gubernatorial elections.

Is it simply a personal encounter? Bwala and Tinubu have a history of personal acquaintance, having previously collaborated on legal matters. Could this be a mere courtesy call or a chance to reconnect on a non-political level?

The lack of official statements from either Bwala or the ruling party leaves the political landscape abuzz with speculation. The coming days and weeks will likely see further developments and clarifications as the true nature of this unexpected rendezvous emerges from the shadows.

Key questions remain:

  • What was discussed during the meeting?
  • Does this signal a broader political shift?
  • What are the potential consequences for the 2023 election and beyond?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the PDP’s Bwala meeting with President Tinubu in Paris has injected a new dose of intrigue into Nigeria’s already dynamic political scene.

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