Mummy Zee Roasts a School, Twitter Roasts Mummy Zee: The Internet’s Newest Hot Potato


Mummy Zee

Hold your chalk and grab your popcorn, folks, because the internet’s latest drama has more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube in a tornado. It all started when Mummy Zee, Twitter newest millionaire and resident “good wife”, dropped a bomb on Twitter, declaring a certain school “shabby” and unfit for her precious child.

Now, you know Twitter loves a good school scandal. The hashtag #MummyZeeShadeySchool immediately trended faster than a student cramming for exams. Memes flew faster than spitballs in a detention room, with photos of dilapidated classrooms re-imagined as luxury spas and teachers rebranded as “shabbiness educators.”

One user even dubbed Mummy Zee “The Queen of Shade,” crafting a hilarious coronation scene where she throws shade instead of confetti. Another hilariously imagined the school principal’s response: “Shabby? Excuse me, ma’am, this rustic aesthetic is all the rage in educational circles! We call it ‘experiential learning through controlled deprivation.'”

The school itself, wisely choosing the high road, kept mum on the matter, likely busy polishing their “rustic” classrooms and practicing their “controlled deprivation” techniques.

As for Mummy Zee, she “folded” as her tweet triggered a battleground of shade-throwing and self-proclaimed educational expertises.

Whether she’s a champion for quality education or a master of internet drama, one thing’s for sure: Mummy Zee has successfully turned school criticism into a viral spectacle, proving that sometimes, all you need to go viral is a good dose of shade and a captive audience of education-obsessed Twitter users.

So, who knows, folks, because this drama is far from over. Who knows, next week we might see Mummy Zee reviewing school lunches, dissing backpacks, or even taking on the Ministry of Education itself. One thing’s certain: with Mummy Zee on the case, the future of Nigerian education promises to be anything but “shabby.”

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