CBN Staff Redeployment: Despite Criticism, Lagos Office Gears Up for Influx



Despite facing significant criticism, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is pressing ahead with its controversial redeployment plan, with at least 1,500 staff members set to report to the Lagos office this Friday, February 2nd.

This exclusive information, obtained by The PUNCH from a reliable source within the apex bank, confirms that the relocation, initially announced in December 2023, is still very much in motion.

The move, aimed at decongesting the CBN’s head office in Abuja and reportedly driven by concerns about staff safety and improved productivity, has drawn sharp criticism from various quarters.

Some have questioned the rationale behind relocating such a large number of employees, citing logistical challenges and potential disruption to operations. Others have expressed concerns about the impact on staff morale and wellbeing, particularly those with families and established lives in Abuja.

Despite the concerns, the CBN appears determined to proceed with the redeployment. The source confirmed that the affected staff have been informed and preparations are underway at the Lagos office to accommodate the influx.

However, the exact details of the relocation, such as the specific departments and roles affected, remain under wraps, further fueling speculation and anxiety among staff.

The coming days will be crucial in determining the success of the redeployment. The CBN faces the challenge of ensuring a smooth transition for the relocated staff, minimizing disruption to operations, and addressing the concerns raised by critics. The success of this ambitious project could hinge on effective communication, transparency, and a commitment to supporting staff through the transition.

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