The Art of the Delay: A December Salary Mystery



December salaries, once a beacon of festive cheer, have become a phantom in the eyes of many Nigerian workers. Whispers of unpaid wages swirl through federal ministries, a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Enters the PDP.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), ever the astute sleuths, have pointed their magnifying glass at the administration, accusing them of transforming Nigeria into a Dickensian nightmare. Their statement paints a grim picture: millions reduced to beggars, the festive spirit suffocated by empty wallets and rumbling stomachs.

Debo Ologunagba, PDP spokesperson, said the development is “insensitive and unacceptable”.

Ologunagba said Tinubu’s administration has turned the country into a “huge internally displaced persons (IDP) camp with millions of Nigerians becoming beggars and observing the period in hunger, anguish and misery”.

“It is obvious that the non-payment of the December salary critically needed by the workers including our gallant security operatives at this period is consistent with the atrocious character of APC administration to weaponize poverty and further suppress Nigerians to surrender to totalitarianism,” the statement reads.

“Is it not provocative that while President Tinubu is busy partying and luxuriating with APC leaders, workers who are putting in their time and energy in the service of the nation are left with nothing to feed and celebrate with their families and loved ones?”

The major opposition party said the development “further confirms that the Tinubu-led APC administration has practically run our nation’s economy aground”.

Are delayed salaries a symptom of a larger financial malaise, a cryptic message from the government’s economic tightrope walk?


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