All-White, No Shade: Mr Macaroni Meets (and Doesn’t Meet) Governor Sanwo-Olu (VIDEO)


Mr Macaroni Sanwo-Olu

Scene: Tony Elumelu’s all-white party, where even the napkins wear pearls. In walks Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, lookin’ dapper in his white suit, the governor-est he’s ever governor-ed. Suddenly, he spots the internet’s favorite goofball, Mr Macaroni, rocking a white attire that could blind a bishop.

Sanwo-Olu (booming, governor voice): Tony, my man! Looking sharp enough to cut diamonds with your smile! (notices Mr. Macaroni doing the electric slide behind him) And what about you, Mr. Macaroni? Gracing us with your presence like a sprinkle of Egusi on pounded yam?

Mr. Macaroni (doing the robot, eyes glued to his phone): Eyo Tony baba, you know the vibes! All love, all white, all… (notices Sanwo-Olu staring pointedly) Uh oh, did someone leave the oven on? Because it’s getting HOT in here!

Sanwo-Olu (eyebrow raised to the stars): Hot enough for a handshake, perhaps? Or are you practicing your social distancing on the governor himself?

Mr. Macaroni (gulps, does a quick mental calculation of retweets vs. gubernatorial wrath): My apologies, Your Excellency! (bows lower than a politician before an election) My phone, you see, it’s possessed by the ghost of Fela, demanding I groove or get the groove removed!

Sanwo-Olu (cracks a grin): Ah, Fela’s ghost, of course! Explains the funky moves and the questionable fashion choices. Well, tell Fela to take a break, shake the governor’s hand, and let’s boogie!

Mr. Macaroni (shakes Sanwo-Olu’s hand, then bursts into the shaku-shaku dance): You got it, Your Excellency! Now excuse me, gotta show Fela how it’s done! (does the shaku-shaku with the governor, who joins in awkwardly)

The End


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