Josh2funny Opens Up On Appearance At “America’s Got Talent” Show



Josh Alfred, aka Josh2funny, a comedian and skit creator, has disclosed that the producers of the television reality competition America’s Got Talent invited him to the show for comic relief.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “I was invited to the show to do what I do. I went there to display ‘Josh2funny’, which is what my comedy is about.”

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The video of his audition went viral during the next week, setting the Internet ablaze. The comedian was disqualified by the judges in the video when he claimed to be a speed reader.

Josh2funny claimed to have read three books in a minute, but when the judges questioned him about the books’ contents, he was unable to respond.

After being told “no,” the comedian quickly returned to the stage as the fastest rapper. When he received a second “no,” he reappeared as a magician.

Josh2funny’s comic performance at the AGT is similar to his social media content, ‘The Audition’, where he plays different funny characters such as a magician, singer, actor and a cook.

Seemingly excited to have performed his content on an international stage, Josh made a post on his Instagram with the caption, “Jesus put me on the biggest stage in the world.”

Thanking his fans and supporters, he wrote, “Thanks to all the magazines and journals writing about me. Thanks to my fans that always believed. Thanks to the people that respect the work I and my team put in. Thanks to Kreb.”


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