Destiny Etiko Opens Up On Virginity Status


Destiny Etiko Opens Up On Virginity Status

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has refuted claims on some news outlets that she is a virgin.

Destiny Etiko, on her Instagram page, expressed dismay that a better title could not be rumoured about her.

Reports had been rife on Sunday that the actress revealed that she is a virgin at 33.

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The report claimed that the actress said she was celibate because of her crippling social anxiety.

She had allegedly said;

I’m still a virgin because of my crippling social anxiety. I still have not been in a relationship that has gone to that level.

The now-false information startled social media users, stirring diverse reactions.

However, Etiko went on to lash out at the rumor mongers for chasing clout with her name. She expressed disgust at being labelled as a virgin, of all things.

She said;

Since yesterday, I have not rested with the news calling her out as a virgin. I did not grant any interview, revealing that I am a virgin. I cannot remember granting any interview saying I am a virgin. They did not give me any better title, like soon to be a billionaire.

There was no written word or an interview about virginity and they are all busy with my precious name, which really shows how important and relevant I am.


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