Bodex Hungbo Shortlisted For University Of Georgia’s African Civic Engagement Summit in Kenya


Bodex Hungbo Shortlisted For University Of Georgia's African Civic Engagement Summit in Kenya

An award winning digital and traditional media program, Bodex social media hangout founded by Bodex Hungbo has been shortlisted for the African civic engagement summit in Kenya by the University of Georgia

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This was revealed in a statement by the Convener of the initiative, Bodex Hungbo made available to journalists.

She said;

When the event started in 2019 in Nigeria, little did we know it will get an international recognition award talk more of an international summit presentation. Though, the aim of the event is to contribute to the global objective of deploying social media for social good, promote culture and tradition in the society and encourage the efforts of ethical adopters also, to recognize the impact of social media while celebrating, inspiring and motivating Netizens to ethically use social media in creating value.

Bodex Hungbo had completed her civic engagement course in University of Georgia, by African Civic engagement Academy.

She also submitted her annual digital media program as her action plan for the course which is scheduled for a presentation in Kenya.

Hungbo further stated that “the vision is to contribute to the global objective of social media use but, we didn’t know it will come this soon to have a global recognition while planning just the fourth edition.

I did my civic engagement course at University of Georgia for African Civic Engagement Academy and finished in December 2022. Before the completion of the course, we have been told to do a project plan around our course of studies and any jaw dropping plan giving the wow moment during vetting will be shortlisted for the Kenya Summit2023.

Since the topics were about inclusion, education, media and journalism, governance, NGO. I decided to tailor Bodex Social Media Hangout to suit the topic which is media related and to our greatest surprise it got selected for the presentation.

Our event is part of the 60 action plans chosen for the summit out of thousands of participants to discuss our challenges, impacts and goals to several other countries present.

Thanks to everyone and our sponsors who have supported us in anyway and attended the event. Y’all just made us go GLOBAL. Good things will never depart from you and your household. We are honored and grateful.

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