Rude Boy Seeks Closure Of Schools To Enable PVC Collection By Students



Rude Boy

Paul Okoye, a member of the twin duo, P Square who is also known as Rudeboy has questioned why tertiary institutions are still in session amid the ongoing collection of Permanent Voters Card, PVC.

In a tweet on his verified handle on Thursday, Okoye opined that most of the students registered for the PVC in their various states during the prolonged strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

He wondered why they are still kept back in school even as the deadline for PVC collection elapses in the next 10 days.

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Out of the 74 million youths eligible voters, 26 million of them are students and they are all back in school, most of them registered during the ASUU strike.

“It’s 10days remaining for collection, @inecnigeria why are students still in school by now?” Rude Boy asked in his post.

In other news, Anita, the estranged wife of the singer-songwriter, Paul Okoye disclosed that she suffered four miscarriages while they were still married.

Disclosing the revelation on social media, Anita wrote,

This movie had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Having gone through four miscarriages myself, it undoubtedly reopened closed wounds. But look at me today.

There is truly purpose in ‘The Wait’ and it truly is ‘WorthTheWait’. I am aware that occasionally silence can be unbearably loud. Trust God in his infinite mercy will (not) forsake you and it’s truly (a) privilege to #waitonGod. I am a living testimony.

Anita Okoye’s statement on Instagram

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