House Of The Dragon Review: Episode 3 “Second of His Name”


House Of The Dragon

What an orgasmic climax to the third episode of the HBO hit fantasy series, House of the Dragon, with a blood-curdling scene which saw Prince Daemon dragging the severed torso of the Crabfeeder after a two-year attritional war which saw the Daemon’s Kingsguard forces and Lord Corlys men suffering heavy losses, despite the superior firepower (pun intended) of the dragons.

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This came before King Viserys decided to send reinforcements which saw Daemon assaulting the poor envoy in a fit of rage — an act of savage pleasure to a war worn without the promised reinforcements.

Rhaenyra’s Smouldering Anger

Meanwhile, the distance between Princess Rhaenyra and her father, King Viserys, grows wider after the royal marriage to Queen Alicent Hightower (who used to be the princess handmaid). The royal household has been blessed with a son, Aegon, who is now two years of age and the patriarchal stance of the kingdom threatens the Rhaenyra’s heirship.

Nonetheless, the king in a final father-daughter yearning reassured her about his decision on a successor while telling her to find a suitor of her choosing on order to propagate her lineage and a possible alliance with one of the kingdom’s powerful houses.

Episode Highlight

Prince Daemon’s harakiri charge into the ranks of the Triarchy warriors which switched the tide of the war.

Sweet gore!

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