Zamfara Police Reveals Ongoing Ban On Firearms Despite Govt’s Directives


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Despite the rise in banditry, the Zamfara State Commissioner of Police, Ayuba Elkana, has said the ban on firearms licence is still in force.

He also explained that the police have stopped issuing licence to citizens who wished to own guns.

Elkana made this assertion on Sunday, June 26.

This was in response to the directive by the state government that the police command should issue gun licence to those eligible to bear arms.

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The Zamfara State Commissioner for Information, Ibrahim Dosara, had in a statement on Sunday, disclosed that the government had directed residents of the state to prepare and obtain guns to defend themselves against bandits who have been terrorising the state.

Consequently, the government had directed the state Commissioner of Police to issue licence to all those who qualify and are willing to obtain guns to defend themselves.

Dosara had said;

Government has, henceforth, directed individuals to prepare and obtain guns to defend themselves against the bandits, as the government has directed the state commissioner of police to issue a license to all those who qualify and are wishing to obtain such guns to defend themselves.

But reacting to the directive, the Zamfara state commissioner of police said he has yet to receive any directive to issue gun licences to the people.

Elkana said;

I have not received any directives and also, there is a ban on firearms licence and we don’t give licence.

I am yet to receive any directive. Let me see the directive first before I can comment. I have not seen the directive, so I cannot comment on compliance.

Asked if the government’s decision was a vote of no confidence on the police, the CP replied;

There is nothing like vote of no confidence, please. This is farming season and you cannot get police or any security to be following everybody to the farm. They are attacking people on the farm; that is the problem. It is not as if we are not doing our best; we are doing our best. Of recent, we rescued many people (from bandits).


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