Actress Mary Njoku Explains How Women Control Nollywood


Nigerian actress and businesswoman, Mary Njoku, has noted that the industry was arguably controlled by women.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the founder of ROK TV noted that women “sign almost all the cheques.

Taking to her Instagram platform during the early hours of today, Saturday, June 11, Njoku addressed sceptics who are still residing in an ‘old box.’ 

The Iroko TV co-founder stated in her post that people should desist from limiting the prowess and contributions of women across various fields.

Mary Njoku explained that she volunteered to be a guarantor for her relative, however, she was overlooked because it was believed she has ‘not attained that level of success‘.

This is as she narrated how a law firm refused to allow her stand as a guarantor for her family member but allowed a male colleague to do so.

Despite urging the lawyer to do a research and figure out her prominence, Njoku stated that the lawyer preferred not to accept her claim.

Her narration reads;

Dear Women, women are doing big things too!!!
Few weeks ago, a family member needed a guarantor for her rent and I went to the lawyer’s office to sign.
Spent over 45mins trying to convince her I can afford the rent but she didn’t believe me.
Thought I was an actress whose career has refused to blow.

She needed a proof that I am truly the Founder of ROK.

Or the CEO of the studio. I Googled my name but she no gree 😢.

For her eye I can’t be ME. I be small geh.

The Agent and I begged her to do her small research but refused.

Told her I will get CEO of IROKOTV to co sign but she said I was calling big big names.

She insisted on seeing my business card.

I had non.

BUSINESS CARD wey dem fit write anything o!

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Finally, Mary Njoku had to seek the authorization of another ‘established male actor’ to represent her relative as a guarantor.

Njoku, who is married to businessman and media entrepreneur Jason Njoku, stated that she was disappointed and sad.

She however maintained that women are the primary orchestrators in excellence in the Nigerian movie industry.

Her post reads further;

I had to call a male Colleague whose career is ‘stronger’ than mine to help be the guarantor. She was a fan and super happy.

I was sad. For her. She lives in a box. An old one.
Today, Nollywood is arguably controlled by women. We sign almost all the cheques!
But I guess I am too young and too simple to be ME.
I had no entourage
In fact, I waited at their reception
I was super polite to her
She even asked for the name of my Grandfather’s village.
I was nice.
Yet she insisted on being a fool. Sad.

The law firm called back later that night to apologize and wanted me to sign instead. Too late.


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