Catholic Church Reinstates Suspended Lagos Priest Who Banned Igbo Songs In Parish

Catholic Church: Archdiocese Of Lagos Suspends Priest For Banning Igbo Songs In Parish
Father James Anelu.

Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Archdiocese, Adewale Alfred, has reinstated the parish priest of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Ewu Owa, James Anelu, who was recently placed on indefinite suspension.

Recall that Anelu was suspended after he banned the singing of Igbo songs and choruses in his parish in February, arguing that the excesses of Ndigbo must be contained.

It was learnt that he had angrily stopped a soul-lifting chorus during the second collection, noting that the Igbo cannot keep dominating other people in his Catholic parish.

He reportedly cited the case of his Benin Diocese where the Igbo dominate to the point of becoming the Bishop, allegedly claiming that the spirit of God recognises only geographical languages of the parish.

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The Catholic church, in a circular signed by Anthony Godonu, the Director of Communications of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, recalled Anele and instructed that he reconciles with the parishioners and amend his errors.

The circular read;

Following a thorough investigation, conducted in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Laity Council and Ad hoc Committee set up by the Archbishop, it was discovered that the posting on the social media that brought about the administrative leave did not give a complete picture of the incident.

Fr. James has therefore been asked to return to the Parish in order to remedy the situation created by the social media posting and bring about reconciliation and unity
in the parish.

It added;

In the spirit of the Lenten season, he urged all the parishioners to work together in collaboration with the Parish priest for the greater glory of God and the good of the community.

He also called upon all God’s children to remember Fr. ANELU and his parishioners in
their prayers.

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