Play The Soundtrack To Your Life With YouTube Music


Play The Soundtrack To Your Life With YouTube MusicMusic makes the world go round, it’s often said. And with smartphones and online streaming services, your favorite playlist is literally wherever you are whenever you need it.

Tailor the soundtrack to your life using YouTube Music. Here’s how:

Music to video and back – seamlessly – YouTube Music allows YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers to seamlessly transition between a song and its music video for uninterrupted listening and / or watching. No pauses, no interruptions, just a simple tap that keeps the music flowing. Whether seamlessly transition between a song and its video using you’re in the mood for listening or watching (or a little of both)… it’s all here – no app switching required.

Your Offline MixtapeSmart downloads take the work out of downloading your favourite music. YouTube Music Offline Mixtape was the first iteration of this project, and now smart downloads automatically downloads up to 500 songs from your favorite playlists and albums. Users can choose the number of songs downloaded in their Settings.

Plus, it only downloads at night over Wi-Fi, to save data and create a smooth updating experience. This feature is currently available on Android with plans to bring it to iOS in the future.

No internet? No problem – For members of YouTube Music Premium, your offline mixtape will automatically download on your mobile device without the need to remember to download in advance. Perfect for long flights, road trips, and anywhere without cell signal. And Android users can opt into smart downloads for up to 500 songs automatically downloaded based on your listening history.

Find exactly what you’re looking for with Smart Search – You can search for “summer” to find a treasure trove of playlists for the season: from Summer Dance Classics, to California Dreamin’, and the Ultimate Family Party playlist, plus many more for every musical taste.

  • Party trick: Did you know YouTube Music search also works with emojis?! Try searching for “🎆” to hear a sparkly summer hit from 2010.

Stay on top of culture with the Hotlist – For the hottest videos everyone will be talking about this summer, stay ahead of the curve with the Hotlist.

– Hosting a house party? Sorry neighbors: to amplify your music further, sync YouTube Music with your Google Home. Enjoy YouTube Music free on Google Home speakers with the perfect station, customized to your tastes based on your request – or for more control, subscribe to YouTube Music Premium to play specific music on-demand.

Save on data & bandwidth while you’re away – To reduce mobile data charges, head to Settings where you can indicate streaming audio and/or HD video via Wi-Fi only and change audio quality while on mobile networks.

Keep the vibe going – without the ads. Ever had friends over, the vibe is perfect, and then an ad comes on at the wrong time? For uninterrupted, ad-free music sign up for YouTube Music Premium, which also gives you background play and downloads.

  • Get even more out of YouTube: Upgrade to YouTube Premium for the benefits of Music Premium, plus uninterrupted ad-free, background, and downloads across all of YouTube.

If you haven’t yet, you can get YouTube Music from the Play Store and App Store or check out the web player at

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