Megan Thee Stallion Confirms Tory Lanez Shot Her, Gives Details (videos)

Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez
L-R: Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez

American rapper, Megan Thee Stallion has officially confirmed reports that Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez shot her in the foot on July 12 in Los Angeles, US.

Stallion disclosed this on Thursday night during an Instagram Live session sharing details of the shooting incident and why she is just officially identifying Lanez as her shooter.

It would be recalled that on July 12, Lanez, whom Stallion was said to be dating, was arrested for possessing a concealed weapon.

Stallion, her friend Kelsey Nicole and one other person were in the vehicle with Lanez at the time of the arrest, after attending a party at Kylie Jenner’s home that day.

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Three days later, Stallion issued a statement, in which she revealed that she sustained the foot injury after Tory Lanez allegedly shot at her twice when herself and her best friend Kelsey Nicole attempted to get out of the car.

She said was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery to remove the bullets, contradicting reports that she sustained injury from broken glass in the car.

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In a new development, Stallion during her live session has now revealed that Lanez shot her for no reason and was reluctant to report to the police because ‘she did not want them to get in more trouble.’

She said that the incident would have escalated if she reported as Lanez was already arrested because of gun possession that night.

Stallion explained;

Y’all so worried about it. Yes, Tory shot me and got his publicist going to these blogs lying and shit. Stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand. I tried to keep the situation off the internet, but you dragging it. They talking about how I hit this nigga. I never hit you. Muthaf**kas was like, ‘Oh she mad ’cause he was tryna f*ck with Kylie.’ No I wasn’t. You shot me. [sic]

The ‘WAP’ rapper further revealed that they were four people in the vehicle, including herself who was involved in the shooting accident.

She expressed;

We were four in the car, Me, Tory, my homegirl and his security. Everybody in the car arguing, I’m in the front seat, this nigga in the backseat. I get out the car because I’m done arguing. I’m walking away and this nigga from out the backseat of the car, start shooting me. You shot me. I ain’t get cut by no glass.

The Houston rapper added that the incident did not happen at Kylie Jenner’s house but close to the back of the house she was staying at the time.

She added;

There is a witness, the police came because the neighbors called the police. This did not happen at Kylie’s house but almost five minutes from the back at the house I was staying at. I was just tryna get home. The police came and I was scared because of all this shit going on with the police. The police literally were killing Black people for no muthafuckin’ reason.

Stallion explained;

They were aggressive telling us to get out of the car. You think I’m about to tell the police that we, niggas, us Black people, got a gun in the car? You want me to tell the laws that we got a gun in the car, so they can shoot all of us up? I was scared.

Why the fuck would I tell the laws somebody got a gun in the car and this nigga shot me? So I can get shot, you can get shot, she can get shot.

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Stallion’s live video comes barely 24 hours after she shared photos from the injuries she sustained after a shooting incident a few weeks ago.

Watch videos of the live session below;

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