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Boko Haram Attacked Governor Zulum’s Convoy Not Soldiers – Army Insists

Coordinator of defence media operations, John Eneche
Coordinator of defence media operations, John Eneche

Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has insisted that Governor Babagana Zulum’s convoy that was attacked last week was not perpetuated by soldiers as claimed but by Boko Haram. 

The attack happened in the company of security personnel, including Nigerian Army soldiers, while the governor was on his way to some internally displaced persons (IDP) camps to supervise the distribution of palliatives.

Following the incident, Governor Zulum of Borno state accused soldiers of being responsible for the raid on his convoy in Baga.

Zulum believes some elements are trying to frustrate the effort of the government in ending the insurgency and President Muhammadu Buhari needs to know the truth, which the Army countered as false.

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In further reaction to the allegation, Coordinator of defence media operations, John Eneche during an interview insisted that the attack was not an act of sabotage but that it was perpetrated by Boko Haram members.

Eneche further revealed that an investigation carried out by the Nigerian army proved that its officers were not involved in the attack.

He said;

It was an allegation which needed to be proved. And Also, I want to say that for such an allegation, it calls for worry on our part at the high command of which we went into action immediately. For you now to say sabotage, you gave superstar a baby to keep for you and you’re saying that somebody can kill that baby is a strong accusation.

We investigated it immediately and the strategic level is cleared of that; operational level cleared of that, tactical level, cleared of that. Now from the basics, I was interested and I took a cursory look. We analysed the video, the scenery. Even from the gunshots, the way it all played out, you will discover from the sound of the gunshots, it is not the conventional weapons that we use.

He added;

Now, it comes to doubt because, from our training, you could tell the sound of a gun. And of course, if you have operated with an enemy for some time, we call it enemy habit.

The spokesman explained;

From the analysis, it was purely that of the enemies in that area, the Boko Harams. From the tactics, and from the manoeuvres exhibited, it was theirs. And from the search conducted, it was theirs. So, our fears were allayed after 48 hours. So, I can confidently tell the public that it was not anything sabotage.

Eneche also countered circulating rumours that the Nigerian army is running short on soldiers and arms.

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    Why will the army even attack the convoy ?

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