Top 20 Struggles Only Big Butt Women Would Understand


  1. 1. Dresses that fit your waistline but pull up at the bottom because of your wide hips and big backside.

  2. Taking hours to wear a pair of jeans or trousers that fit easily to your legs but refuse to cover your bum.
  3. Walking into a room and men chase you like crazy because all they see is your a**. They forget that people interact before when they meet for the first time.
  4. Struggling to sit down those tiny spaced chairs on a flight, talk less of putting on your seat belt.
  5. Sometimes ones bum is so big that your scared of bending down or squatting because anytime you do something gets torn.
  6. Price of custom fitted pants or shorts have skyrocketed.
  7.  Same thing goes for great fitting panties
  8. Its on comfortable to sit on chairs because your your bum keeps spilling out of the side.
  9. Your self conscious in church especially because of the men sitting behind you. When you get up, some of them get instant hard-ons! You feel like the devil.
  10. Theres the risk of knocking things over without you noticing. Even someones child!!!
  11. People recognize you from a distance because of your humongous backside. Your shadow even. (lol…betrayed by the booty).
  12. Your leggings become see through because the material becomes overstretched at the back.
  13. Walking up stairs when someone is right behind you makes you extremely uncomfortable.
  14. you can’t wear mini skirts because your big bakassi always wants to pop out to say hello.
  15. Your best friends always want to use your big booty as a pillow irrespective of how many cushions you have at home.
  16. Or maybe they want to use it as a table for putting their food or drinks.
  17. Your girlfriends feel uncomfortable introducing you to their boyfriends or husbands because they fear you’ll snatch them.
  18. No matter how well you tighten your belt, your underwear always want to make an appearance.
  19. Always stand out in group photos. Especially when the photographer says everyone should turn around.
  20. More people want to meet your a** more than they want to meet you.
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  1. Bomi says

    You see struggles, I see glory , you see disappointment and I see a blessing in disguise, you see hindrance, I see opportunities , you see imperfection , and I see flawless…

    Those imperfections you see are what make big butt women perfect.

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