#THICK THIGHS THURSDAY: How To Dress For A Woman With Wide Hips (Pear Shaped Body)


Pears have a larger bottom half than top half. You’ll probably have wide hips, narrower shoulders and a small bust.
You should wear clothes that minimise hips and draw attention upwards.
Dresses and skirts should be A-line or flared at the hem with a side zip to minimize bulk around the hips.
Jackets should stop at or above your hips. If it is double breasted or has a detailed collar, it will balance out your silhouette and draw the eye upward.

Reduce the appearance of your hips with dark trousers that flare below the knee. Wear flat-fronted, side-fastening trousers and avoid pleats, pockets or seams on the hips which will add to your bulk.

If you have chunky legs, wear boots to cover your calves, or platforms to elongate and slim your legs.
Broaden the appearance of your shoulders by wearing tops with boat necklines, ballet necklines, or wide lapels. Tops with capped sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves will also balance out your profile.

 Add interest to your neckline with scarves and accessories. Tops in bright colours, patterns and textures will also draw attention upwards.

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