Trump Appoints Nigerian As Part Of His Cabinet


President-ElectDonald Trump has appointed some of the best and brightest brains in the world to be on his Economic Advisory team to “Make America Great again”. 
He appointed multibillionaires and the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase amongst others.

Of the over dozen Presidential appointments, Ondo State born Nigerian businessman Bayo Ogunlesi an Oxford and Harvard graduate who is the CEO and Founder of multibillion dollar company Global Infrastructure Partners made the list. He is also the only black man in the Advisory Committee, whose father was the first Professor of Medicine in Nigeria. 

According to Bloomberg he is worth an estimated $900 million dollars. 

Naija represent!!!!

  1. Lionheart says

    Trump is gonna revolutionize the economy, that those animalistic gays and pedophiles wants to trade for their perversion.

  2. Mannyxander says

    Let these bright minds come back home let’s develop our economy here…

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

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