Shapes Of Faces And Hairstyles That BEST Fit Them



If your face is round, meaning that the length and width are the same, most cuts that are at least chin length, but ideally longer, will frame rounder face shapes well. To slenderize the face a few long, layers on straight hair will definitely do the trick. A bit of wave also elongates and gives it some angle. Try a large barreled curling iron to create gentle waves in big sections.

A long face is exactly what it sounds like – it’s longer than it is wide. The aim here is to give it some balance by adding a bit of breadth. Many people will say that those with long face shapes shouldn’t have lengthy hair because it will drag the face down, but this is not necessarily the case. It is entirely possible to pull off long hair if there’s a little bit of body and volume via voluminous curls and waves. Another great style is a chin length bob. Add straight stretched hair that fall over the eyes for that extra touch.


A heart face is typically wider at the forehead and narrower at the chin with high cheekbones. Long, side-swept parting look good on this shape because it draws eyes toward the center of the face and away from the more prominent features. A long bob also works well since it helps to soften a strong jaw line.


If you have an oval face, be thankful. Since this shape is symmetrical, you can pretty much rock any cut. The thing to think about here is what area you’d people to pay more attention to. A close, cropped cut can show off the shape while layers can be added to longer styles to hit any point that you want to accentuate such as the brow, cheeks or chin.


The prominence of cheekbones in contrast to a narrow chin and forehead make for a very feminine face shape. Instead of trying to hide these features like other face shapes try to do, the trick is to emphasize this coveted facial structure. Long, straight styles work as do wispy bangs cut straight across or which will bring attention to the width of the face.


A triangular face shape has a narrow forehead and a strong, wide jaw line. The aim with any cut for this face shape is to widen the brow and slender the jaw in order to create some balance. Short hair cuts are typically a better option since they add height and draw attention away from the bottom half of the face. An asymmetrical cut that hits at the eyes, but is shorter in the back is also a great choice.

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