Nigerians React As Ministry Of Education Merges Christian And Islamic Studies In Schools



Hours ago, the Federal Ministry of Education announced that in order to reduce the workload of primary and junior secondary pupils, they will be cutting down subjects from 20 to a maximum of ten subjects under the nine-year basic educational curriculum in order to align with International standards.

Thus, subjects like Christian Religious Studies (CRS) and Islamic Religious Studies (IRS), which are separately taught, will now be merged under a compulsory subject known as Religion and National Values (RNV). Other subjects brought under the RNV include Civic Education, Social Studies, and Security Education.

See the reaction of some Nigerians below :



What are your thoughts on Government   merging CRS and IRS?

  1. Dr. Bm. says

    “We were all humans till religions separated us.”

    If you asked me, it’s a good development. What is the importance of burdening pupils/ students with 20 subjects?

  2. Blessing says

    God forbid

  3. Lionheart says

    It is nonsense

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