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Video: Nigerian Man’s Penis ‘Disappears’ After Giving Crippled Beggar N1,000 In Lagos

Mans penis dissapears after giving beggar money

– Good Samaritan who gave beggar N1,000 allegedly couldn’t find his ‘penis’ afterwards
-The bizarre incident happened around Ikeja along bustop in Lagos
-Crowd gathered to question beggar on his operations
-Victim’s identity protected

Like a scene from an exaggerated Nollywood movie, a good Samaritan who decided to give N1,000 to a beggar is said to have lost his ‘penis’ in the process.
The bizarre incident which caused a lot of panic is said to have happened at about 4pm, around Ikeja along bustop in Lagos.

An eye witness Ademiti Desioye shared the video online. She  didn’t show the victim to protect his identity but showed the beggar in the center of the supernatural drama.

Mans penis dissapears after giving beggar money

She wrote:

This happened at Ikeja Along bus stop today at about 4pm…He’s a beggar who happens to be crippled but is known to take something in exchange from men who give him money….their manhood…He did this to a guy who gave him 1k only for to walk away from him and feel his Manhood disappear…I cudnt video the victim for privacy reasons but here’s a video of the begger in question… This is a wake up to all of us…let’s be careful about who give alms to…Enjoy

Watch video below:

Strange world we live in indeed!

3 thoughts on “Video: Nigerian Man’s Penis ‘Disappears’ After Giving Crippled Beggar N1,000 In Lagos”

    Mo Photografy says:

    Lobatan oooo.
    Ki Olorun Oba ma sho wa ni o

    Mo Photografy says:

    The guy look like the guy I do see untop pedestrian Iyana oworo atimes. He is always asking for #1000. And I once gave him #1000 o. Thank God say my own d**k no disappear o.
    Now no mercy for beggars again o.
    You see part of the reasons why it will be very difficult for Nigeria to progress.
    When we have to be afraid to help fellow men.

    Bm. says:

    I know this beggar at Shoprite/Alausa Ikeja.
    As a matter of fact, he’d asked me to give him my phone before….

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