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See New Born Pig That Looks Like A Monkey

Bizarre Mutant Cyclops Piglet Looks Like A Monkey

A new born piglet has become a sensation of some sorts because it  looks like a monkey.

The unusual creature was born with one eye and brown-coloured hair in the San Juan and Martinez area of Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province.

All nine of its siblings were born the more traditional two-eyed and pink variety.

The piglet’s farmer called the veterinarian as soon as he saw his sow give birth to the bizarre animal.

Since then the monkeypig has become a bit of a celebrity with villagers in the predominately agricultural area of Cuba known as the Mecca of Tobacco.

Bizarre Mutant Cyclops Piglet Looks Like A Monkey

Videos and photographs are proving popular with viewers after being shared online.

They show the farmer’s wife holding the strange-looking little pig by its front hooves so it is standing on its hind legs, accentuating its primate-like appearance.

The woman is also seen holding the piglet in her hands so that it can feed alongside its normal brothers and sisters.

Its unusual appearance is believed to have been caused by a genetic mutation with the vet taking blood samples to investigate how the abnormal piglet developed.


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