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Nigerians Troll Mercy Aigbe For Posting Misleading Pictures At #IStandWithNigeria Protest


Mercy Aigbe is currently catching the flak on social media AGAIN, this time for allegedly being a pseudo-activist.

The drama started yesterday when the Nollywood actress posted photos from the #IStandWithNigeria protest grounds in Lagos and fans hopped on the post to applaud her for joining voices with the masses. But it escalated quickly when folks claimed they saw the actress arrive the protest ground after it had ended, just for photo ops.

To whom it may concern, Mercy Aigbe came to the National Theatre when we all have finished walking the length and breadth of Lagos and took a bunch of photos with 3-4 people,” the upset Nigerian said. “To her mind now she too protested.”

The story swept social media in a storm; Nigerians were quick to drag the actress, with many calling her a fraud. Some claim they did not see her at the National stadium; where the protest kicked off from, others said she ought to have stayed at home to protest instead of posting fake pictures.

However, a few stood up for Mercy Aigbe.

“Nigerians are the hardest people to fight for. Fight for them at your own peril. Ungrateful people,” one upset Mercy-Aigbe fan said.

Another chirped in, “At least she showed up.”


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