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#Tsquare2016: Olomofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz And Tunder Duemuren’s Wedding


Reports coming in, and confirmed by those at Tolu “Toolz” Oniru & Tunde Demuren’s wedding say that the Olumofin Brothers – Adejoro and Dokun, pictured above have been asked to leave  by the groom and bride’s parents.

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It is unclear why, but likely to be connected with the recent alteracation between the brothers and Beat FM OAP, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi on social media.

Details soon.

4 thoughts on “#Tsquare2016: Olomofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz And Tunder Duemuren’s Wedding”

  1. Bomi says:

    Justice served…

    1. gbemisuola says:

      Bomi,am sure u look disgusting as ur comments. Jobless buffon.

      1. Bomi says:

        Lool… Awww!!! nice choice of words, you must really be proud of yourself when you we’re typing those letters…

        You know you really remind me of a friend whose an Arsenal fan #GunnersForLife, anytime Arsenal make it to the top 4 on the league table he’s always proud, to him staying in that position is as good as winning the league, while clubs like Chelsea, Man United, and city strive to win the league, he’s always contempted with the 3rd or 4th position and keep dreaming next season will be theirs.
        You know, you stayed in an unhealthy relationship and you’ll think that’s the way things should be and by your comment I’m absolutely confident you’re in an abusive relationship if you’re a lady, I’m just guessing by your name, and because you’re so used to being around people in that kind of relationship you’re so proud to stay in it and keep it up over the years. Eh ya, Pélé…
        I’m pretty sure you’re one of those that believe Rihanna deserves the abuse she received from Chris Brown, you and your friends must be saying RiRi provoked him.
        It’s just so appalling women are the ones that protects their opposite sex when they’re been taking advantage of, and those that have the guts to speak out gets crucified.

        Here’s a question for you…
        – If you’re a guy, Will you be proud to give your sisters hand in marriage to those guys , with the way they absolutely brutalized @GbemiO on social media?
        – Will you be proud of them if it’s your sisters that were treated that way?
        – if you’re a lady will you happily marry those guys?

        If your answer is still yes by now, then my friend have a good life…

        To me, the way those guys expressed themselves like carnivorous animal, barbarians on social media, I was already expecting them to be excluded from the event, they brought shame to manhood, they show no respect for womanhood and those words directed at Gbemi is also directed to every woman of her height, weight, looks, size and stature . Their words were crystal clear the disgust they have for those kind of women, so they were so proud to use their best words to describe those women. And if I’m pretty sure, 90% of Nigerian women are of that size, even bigger.
        This is not about Gbemi alone, this is women standing against injustice, and I totally agree.

        Traditional wedding is all about the brides family, so I’m saying it again justice serve #WomenWins…


    I dnt tink dey deserved ds…dis sound sumhw embarasin afteral we all see dat dey bth put on dere OWAMBE agbada attire…hop dey wil also ask GBEMI O to leav d venue to mak d eqn balance..
    Aunty Moji pls gv us more update abt ds

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