Zoho Democratizes CRM with Early Access to “Zoho CRM for Everyone”



Zoho Corporation, a major player in the global tech scene, has announced a significant step towards making customer relationship management (CRM) more accessible. The company unveiled early access to “Zoho CRM for Everyone,” a new set of features designed to break down silos and empower all customer-facing teams within an organization.

This initiative aligns with Zoho’s stated goal of “democratizing CRM.” Traditionally, CRM systems have been primarily utilized by sales teams. However, Zoho CRM for Everyone aims to bridge the gap by allowing other departments, such as marketing, account management, and customer support, to seamlessly collaborate and access customer data within the CRM platform.

“Businesses are looking for unified solutions that help them optimise for value, maximise their competitive advantages, and tap into new market opportunities amid tough economic conditions,” said Kehinde Ogundare, Country Head, Zoho Nigeria.

“At Zoho, we’re focused on continuously deepening our current offerings and expanding others to serve business needs. Zoho CRM for Everyone, for instance, is the first true democratisation of the CRM paradigm and helps unify all customer operations teams onto the CRM to deliver better customer experiences.

“Likewise, the upgraded Catalyst and the privacy-focused Apptics solution work hand-in-hand to deliver an unmatched developer experience from concept to code, and deployment to analytics.”

Focus on Developer Tools

Zoho also announced advancements for professional developers and app development teams. Early access to new services within Catalyst, their pro-code development platform, empowers developers to build custom applications. Additionally, the general availability of Zoho Apptics, an application analytics solution, allows developers to track user behavior and optimize the performance of applications across various platforms.

Availability and Significance

Zoho CRM for Everyone is currently in early access, available upon request for existing Zoho customers worldwide. This initiative signifies Zoho’s commitment to fostering a more collaborative customer-centric approach within organizations. The success of this program will be contingent on user feedback and future updates based on real-world implementation.

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