Tinubu Promises Decisive Action Against IPOB After Deadly Attack on Soldiers


Tinubu FG

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has condemned the brutal killing of five soldiers by suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and vowed a stern crackdown on the group. The incident occurred at a checkpoint in Obingwa Local Government Area, Abia State, where troops were attacked and killed by IPOB terrorists.

In a statement, Tinubu described the attack as “treasonable” and called for the military to “come down heavily” on IPOB. The President emphasized that the group’s actions were a threat to national security and that the military must take decisive action to ensure their defeat.

“These unwarranted barbaric and evil acts stand condemned and should never be condoned and tolerated in our country,” the president stated.

“Our soldiers and the police have the onerous duty to protect all of us from aggressors and non-state actors. Hundreds of them have paid the ultimate price in fulfillment of their duty, while some have experienced the indignity of being manhandled by the people they protect,” he added.

The killing of the soldiers has sent shockwaves across the country, with many Nigerians expressing outrage and grief over the loss of life. The incident has also sparked concerns about the escalating violence in the region and the need for the government to take a firmer stance against militant groups like IPOB.

The military has also promised to retaliate against IPOB, vowing to bring “overwhelming military pressure” on the group to ensure their total defeat. The Director of Defence Media Operations, Maj.-Gen. Edward Buba, stated that the military would be “fierce” in its response and would not hesitate to use force to protect its personnel and citizens.

The situation highlights the ongoing struggle between the Nigerian government and IPOB, which has been proscribed as a terrorist organization. The group has been involved in several violent incidents, including attacks on military personnel and civilians, and has been accused of perpetuating a separatist agenda.

Tinubu’s vow to crack down on IPOB comes amid growing concerns about the group’s activities and the need for the government to take a stronger stance against militant groups. The President’s call for a crackdown is seen as a significant escalation of the government’s response to IPOB’s actions and may signal a shift in the country’s approach to addressing the group’s violence.

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