MINIMUM WAGE: FG Warns Against Unrealistic Demands, Cautions Against Economic Backlash


Mohammed-Idris Minimum Wage

Minister of Information Mohammed Idris urged caution on wage increases at the 2024 Synod of the Charismatic Bishops Conference of Nigeria on Wednesday, in the ongoing discourse over minimum wage.

While supporting fair compensation for Nigerian workers, he emphasized the need for a realistic and sustainable wage system to avoid damaging the economy and leading to mass retrenchment.

He said, “As I have repeatedly said, the Federal Government is not opposed to the increase of wages for Nigerian Workers but we keep on advocating for a realistic and sustainable wage system for the workers – a wage system that will not undermine the economy, lead to mass retrenchment of workers and jeopardise the welfare of about 200 million Nigerians.

“We want the labour unions to understand that the relief that Nigerians are expecting, and that they fully deserve, will not come only in the form of an increase in wages. It will also come as efforts to reduce the cost of living and to ensure that more money stays in the pockets of Nigerians.”

Idris stressed that the government’s goal is to balance workers’ welfare with economic stability, ensuring that any wage increase does not jeopardize the well-being of Nigeria’s 200 million citizens.

He encouraged labor unions to consider alternative solutions, such as reducing the cost of living, to put more money back in Nigerians’ pockets.

The minister’s remarks highlight the delicate balance between workers’ demands and economic sustainability, as the government seeks to address the country’s economic challenges without compromising workers’ welfare.

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  1. Audu s. Jauro says

    Dont said compasation is for right of worker to have it
    Example how much are your recieving as monthly salary you should think of right thing to do for workers of nigeria to benefit because is their right
    More again you said civil servant are upto 200 millium i disagreet with you
    So can you collect decent salary like them
    Why are you doing all this think of dead .oh

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