Dalung Slams Tinubu’s “Out-of-Touch” Call for Sacrifice Amidst Economic Hardship



A former minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung, has slammed the Tinubu-led government for its call for sacrifice, labeling it a mockery of the suffering masses.

In a post on his X.com on Monday, Dalung argued that if Tinubu is genuinely committed to the nation’s prosperity, he should start by making sacrifices himself, beginning with his “jumbo-sized” government.

Dalung criticized the president’s disconnect from social reality, saying he is out of touch with the hardships faced by Nigerians.

He wrote, “I listened to #officialABAT calling on Nigerians again to sacrifice, love, and believe in the country. Could this be mockery of the suffering of the masses, or he genuinely believe in what he was saying?

“If President Tinubu is sincere about what he’s saying, then it’s confirmation that his government is under siege by the notorious cabal.

“The president’s body language betrayed him completely from the social reality. He is in his own world distinct from the hardships confronting Nigerians.

“From my analysis of the speech, Nigeria is on auto pilot dangerous navigating turbulence.

“Does President Tinubu knows that Nigerians are suffering? Certainly not, his reckless economic policies, wasteful expenditures, plundering of resources, insensitivity to plights of citizens, boastful and egoistic squndering of goodwill, adoption of corruption and nepotism as state policies are the characteristics of this ignoble regime.

“Sacrifice should begin with #officialABAT and his jumbo size government, then Nigerians can take him serious, but for now it’s mere rhetorics and propaganda.”

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