Atiku Slams APC for Nigeria’s Woes



In a scathing statement issued on Tuesday, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar lamented the state of Nigeria’s affairs, blaming the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the country’s “dawn of gloom”. He criticized the party for perpetuating “extreme hardship, excruciating poverty, and unprecedented levels of violence and insecurity” over the past nine years.

However, Atiku also took aim at the opposition parties, suggesting they are even more culpable for failing to unite and present a viable alternative to the ruling party. He expressed disappointment that the opposition has not been able to “galvanize a coalition” that can articulate a plan for good governance and earn the trust of Nigerians.

“The past nine years have thrown up a regime of extreme hardship manifested in excruciating poverty and unprecedented levels of violence and insecurity upon our people. Sadly, the ruling All Progressives Congress is to blame for bringing forth this dawn of gloom.

“But the opposition political parties are even more guilty than the ruling party for the seeming lack of capacity to come together and galvanize a coalition that will retire the ruling party and articulate a plan of good governance that will earn the conviction of Nigerians,” he said.

Atiku’s statement highlights the deepening political divisions in Nigeria and the need for a united and effective opposition to address the country’s pressing challenges. His comments are seen as a call to action for opposition parties to put aside their differences and work towards a common goal of good governance and improved living conditions for Nigerians.

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