Car Crash Halts Pelumi Nubi’s Epic London-to-Lagos Road Trip


Pelumi Nubi

London to Lagos by road traveller, Pelumi Nubi just shared a picture of her car being involved in an accident on Instagram.

Pelumi Nubi had arrived in Liberia just 24 hours before the accident occurred. She shared images of the accident on Instagram, including scenes from inside the ambulance and hospital.

Her caption, “Say a prayer for me,” indicates her need for support, but details about the accident and her injuries remain unclear.

She began the journey of driving from London to Lagos on January 31, 2024. Throughout her trip, she faced numerous challenges, including a 24-hour hold at the border in Liberia and being denied entry to Sierra Leone last week.

As a result, she postponed her planned return home, originally set for March 23, 2024, to April 7, 2024.

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