Organised Labour Issue 14-Day Ultimatum to Government, Threaten Industrial Action



In a statement released on Thursday, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) announced a 14-day ultimatum to the Federal Government, threatening nationwide industrial action if their demands are not met.

The statement, signed by the leadership of both organizations, expresses frustration with the “persistent neglect of the welfare of citizens and Nigerian workers” and the “massive hardship” many are facing. “It is regrettable that we are compelled to resort to such measures,” the statement reads, but justifies the ultimatum as necessary to “protect and defend the rights and dignity of Nigerian workers and citizens.”

Leaders of the NLC and TUC are sad that despite organised labour’s efforts to ensure industrial peace, the government seems unperturbed by the mass suffering and hardship across the country.

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The October 2 agreement was “focused on addressing the massive suffering and the general harsh socioeconomic consequences of the ill-conceived and ill-executed IMF/World Bank-induced hike in the price of PMS and the devaluation of the naira. These dual policies have had, as we predicted, dire economic consequences for the masses and workers of Nigeria,” the statement by the unions said on Thursday.

Threat of Industrial Action Looms:

The statement explicitly warns of nationwide industrial action if the government fails to address their concerns within the 14-day timeframe, starting tomorrow, February 9th. This raises the possibility of widespread disruption across various sectors including transportation, education, and healthcare.

Reaction and Potential Impact:

The news has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian public and business community. Many are concerned about the potential economic and social impacts of a nationwide strike, particularly considering the already fragile state of the nation’s economy.

The government has yet to respond formally to the ultimatum. However, tensions are expected to remain high in the coming days as both sides await further developments.

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