Google Rebrands Bard as Gemini, Unveils Advanced Model and Premium Plan


Google Gemini

Google, on Thursday, announced a major update to its AI offerings today, including a name change for its conGoogle Rebrands Bard as Gemini, Unveils Advanced Model and Premium Plan.

Gemini Takes Center Stage:

Bard, the AI accessible to users in over 230 countries, will now be known as “Gemini.” This aligns with the company’s focus on the “Gemini” family of advanced AI models, with the Pro 1.0 model currently available for general interaction.

Introducing Gemini Advanced:

Taking things a step further, Google unveiled “Gemini Advanced,” an upgraded model designed for more complex tasks like coding, in-depth reasoning, and creative collaboration. This model, currently available in English and accessible in over 150 countries, boasts capabilities beyond the Pro 1.0 version.

Google One AI Premium Plan:

To access the full power of Gemini Advanced, Google introduced a new subscription plan, “Google One AI Premium.” This plan, priced at N20,500 per month with a two-month free trial, combines access to Gemini Advanced with the existing benefits of Google One Premium, including 2TB of storage. Additionally, subscribers will soon be able to utilize Gemini directly within Google products like Gmail, Docs, and Slides.

Mobile Integration Begins:

Google also announced the launch of a mobile app for Gemini and Gemini Advanced, available on Android and iOS. This initial release is limited to English users in the US, with Nigerian availability in English coming next week. The app allows users to interact with Gemini through text, voice, or images, offering assistance with tasks like flat tire repairs, creative content generation, and text messaging assistance.

Building Responsibly:

Google emphasized its commitment to responsible development and deployment of AI technology. They highlighted their “AI Principles” and extensive trust and safety checks conducted before launching Gemini Advanced. More information on these measures is available in the updated Gemini Technical Report.

Overall, today’s announcement marks a significant step forward for Google’s AI ambitions. The rebranded Gemini, advanced model, and premium plan represent a push to democratize access to sophisticated AI capabilities, while the mobile app signifies a move towards a more integrated and accessible AI experience.

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