Falana Urges Government Action on Rising Prices, Citing Price Control Act


Femi Falana SAN

Renowned human rights lawyer Femi Falana (SAN) has called upon the Federal Government to intervene in the face of rising prices for essential commodities. In an interview with Channels TV on Tuesday, Falana emphasized the need for decisive action, urging the government to enforce price control mechanisms outlined in the Price Control Act.

The rights activist was speaking on the background of his recent lawsuit against the Federal Government over failure to control rising prices of essential commodities.

“The Bola Tinubu administration has said that there is food in abundance in Nigeria. I think the Minister of Information made that statement a couple of days ago, but we have a situation where majority of the people cannot afford the prices that have gone to the roof.

“That is why the government has a duty under the Price Control Act to control the price of essential commodities so that Nigerians will not be subjected to hunger unnecessarily.

“It is so bad now that if you pick a food item, if you go back to the market tomorrow, the price has gone up,” Falana said.

He argued that while affluent citizens can cope with spiralling inflation, most ordinary Nigerians have been priced out of accessing basic commodities hence, the urgent need for government’s intervention based on extant laws.

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