Man Wants Police to Declare Him Wanted… for Asylum Purposes?! Lagos Police PRO Says “😮”


Lagos Police Ben Hundeyin

In a case of head-scratching audacity that would leave Kafka chuckling, a Lagosian gentleman recently approached the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Ben Hundeyin, with a rather unorthodox request: “Please, declare me wanted!”

Hundeyin, a seasoned veteran of the force, recounts the encounter in a tweet that’s gone viral, complete with emoji-laden astonishment (😮). Apparently, the man, seeking asylum at a foreign embassy, told them he was facing such intense persecution that even the police were hunting him down. To bolster his claim, he needed one crucial piece of evidence: a genuine “wanted” declaration from the Lagos Police themselves!

“They now asked for evidence of the ‘wanted’ declaration,” the man explained, according to Hundeyin’s tweet. “I can easily do the artwork but I know they will come and verify. That is why I want it from the source.”

One can only imagine the expression on Hundeyin’s face as he grappled with this logic. Was this a masterclass in self-deprecating humor? A calculated bid for social media infamy? Or simply a case of someone so desperately wanting to leave the country, they were willing to invent their own wanted poster?

Whatever the motive, the man’s request has left the internet buzzing. Some are hailing him as a satirical genius, while others offer concerned speculation about his mental state. Hundeyin, wisely sticking to the facts, simply provided the emoji-laden reaction that perfectly captured the absurdity of the situation.

The asylum saga, true or not, serves as a reminder that reality can sometimes outdo even the wildest fiction. And in the bustling, unpredictable metropolis of Lagos, it seems, anything is possible. Who knows, maybe next week we’ll see headlines about a goat applying for a driver’s license or a talking yam running for office. In this city, anything goes!

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