Lai Mohammed: I Have Never Seen A President As Tolerant As President Buhari


Lai Mohammed Exonerates Buhari From Political Crisis In Adamawa

The minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, has claimed that he has never encountered a president who was as tolerant and accommodating as Muhammadu Buhari.

He made this assertion when the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) board hosted a send-off party in his honour in Abuja, on Sunday.

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Lai Mohammed said;

We are always in the bad book of everybody.

In the bad book of governments because they think we are too soft and in the bad book of naysayers because they say we are too strict.

A station will abuse the government for a whole year, nobody will raise a finger. But if you try to impose a fine or shut the station down the whole human rights family will now say, fire Lai Mohammed.

I must give credit to Mr President. I have never seen a President as tolerant as President Muhammadu Buhari.

He has never said that minister of information and culture, go and close this station even when they are abusing him.

Mohammed said the president was aware that some Nigerians called him “baba go slow”.

He said Buhari erroneously earned the appellation because “he is tolerant, and a democrat who gives his ministers free hand to discharge their duties without undue interference”.

One day, I was surprised in the cabinet when the president said: ‘I know they call me baba go slow’

The president has become so democratised that he was being blamed.

But I thank God that today, he is ending on a very good note.

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