Tolanibaj Recounts Experience With Twitter Troll Who Attended Her Party Uninvited (VIDEO)




Nigerian reality star, Tolani Shobajo who is better known as Tolanibaj has recounted her recent experience with a social media troll who attended her party uninvited.

She detailed her first encounter with the alleged troll, saying she met the lady in question at a club.

According to the former Big Brother Naija contestant, she was hanging out in a club with her friends when the lady came in, with no introduction, and took her shisha smoke and used it without asking permission.

After the lady was done using it, she returned it to Tolani, who cleaned the tip before she continued using it. According to Tolani Baj, the lady called her rude for wiping the shisha.

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That’s very rude,” she said. Tolani Baj said she was very surprised as to why someone would act that way over something that didn’t belong to them.

Later, while searching for her name on Twitter, Tolani came across a derogatory remark made about her by the same lady she had encountered earlier.


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On the day of her organized reggae party, the reality TV star recounted that she saw the lady walk into the party and approached her immediately to ask who invited her.

The reality star made it clear that she was livid and became a drama queen instantly when someone who disliked her attended her party and proceeded to cause a scene by calling security.

She said, “I wouldn’t say it were blogs that even called me ugly. It’s the trolls na, people on Twitter that I have grown to understand that they are just unhappy people.

The reality star continued,

I’m the Queen of getting dragged!

They will drag me, the next day what will happen?

A brand is calling me the next day that they want to sign me.

And I’m not even trying o.

I’m just a star! When I got out of Big Brother house, the [trolls’] comments used to get to me.

But now I don’t even read comments anymore because these are the same people that will see me and beg me to take pictures.

She went further to say,

You will see me and you will shake no matter the rubbish you tweet about me on Twitter. When you see T Baj in person, you will shake. You will want a picture, you will want an autograph. And I need stackers, I know what I’m saying.

Tolanibaj added, “So, when I see tweets like these, I just understand that they are unhappy or they are envious, or they are probably having a bad day or a bad week and they are looking for someone to pour that anger on.

Listen to what she has to say,


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