Terdoo Bendaga, Social Media Influencer Accused Of Molesting, Recording Non-Consented Lewd Tapes Of Women



Terdoo Bendaga, Social Media Influencer Accused Of Molesting, Recording Non-Consented Lewd Tapes Of Women
Several ladies on the microblogging site, Twitter have gone online to accuse social media influencer, Terdoo Bendaga of molesting, drugging and documenting non-consented sex tapes of his escapades.

According to a particular complainant identified as Terry on Twitter, Terdoo Bendaga often uses the lewd tapes to blackmail his victims.

On Tuesday, April 4, a Twitter user identified as Cherry made the outcry, making several allegations against Bendaga.

Cherry wrote:

This was Terdoo Oluwadara Bendega on the day of the presidential elections when its ex hacked one of his burners trying to make people aware of its abuse.

Very unrepentant, very vile, very irredeemable.

“Oh. It’s a very proud abuser btw. It owns its evil with its chest because his abuse is usually sexual and
most of its victims cannot call it out without implicating themselves and because of the slut shaming they’ll
face if they do.

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Continue reading her allegations below,

“Please ladies, the abuser has changed his handle to @Terdoo/@0lvdara. Please be careful out there, ndi uwa a jo ka. If you make the mistake of getting with it, please look out for an open blank laptop (it’s not blank, it’s recording you) and hidden phone/camera.

Its targets are majorly uni girls. It lures with sweet nothings and is extremely manipulative. Please avoid. Someone just brought to my notice that he also runs noirthedad on telegram where he posts, distributes and sells pornographic content and non-consented sextapes.

“Its name is Terdoo Oluwadara Bendega, just incase it rebrands again, and its MO is to drug women, make non-consented sextapes of them and blackmail them with it. Very recently his ex also called him out for physical and sexual abuse. drug women, make non-consented sextapes of them and blackmail them with

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Bendaga Accused Of Manipulations

In the latter part of the thread, Cherry further accused Bendaga of manipulating young women.

She went forward to write,

Please, please, please and please, be very wary. Its strategy is emotional manipulation and preying on women’s romantic desires.

Again please, be wary, we live amongst men.

“Here is what it looks like, just incase you jam it.

Also, please if you ever find explicit pictures/videos of me or hear any libel against me, it’s from it, do well
to bring it to my notice or disregard. Thank you.

She added,

Again, please be careful, there’s so many men out there. This is its snap. It was also its burner handle here
at one point. Please ladies, do well to avoid this abuser at ALL costs.

Terdoo Oluwadara Bendega is a rapist, beats up women, stalks women who dare leave him, blackmails
them, distributes and sells their sextapes. Please avoid.

“It was also @terdoh @Yabaslut @lereslut @lereslut @whoislere just incase you’re confused by the
rebrand. @YabaSlut was suspended because he kept reposting pictures of women, sexualizing them, and refused to
take them down even after the women begged him to.

“My dear ladies, by every means possible, please stay away from Terdoo Oluwadara Bendega currently
@Terdoo @Olvdara.

Here is what more women have to say,







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