Guardiola Reportedly Having A ‘Secret Affair’ With Gerard Pique’s New Partner



Pep Guardiola x Gerard Pique and his new partner

There are ongoing speculations that Pep Guardiola, the coach of Premiership football outfit, Manchester City is having a secret affair with the new partner of former Barcelona and Spanish defender, Gerard Pique.

This is coming several months after Gerard Pique ended his relationship with his former partner and Colombian musician, Shakira.

It would be recalled that in 2022, it was confirmed that the World Cup winner and the mother of children, Shakira went their separate ways after a cheating scandal.

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Recent reports disclose that Pique’s new partner, Clara Chia has equally not been faithful to the retired Spanish fullback.

According to the Spanish outlet, Chia has not been faithful to Pique either.
Gerard Pique and his new partner, Clara Chai

The media find that she could have a secret relationship with Pep Guardiola, the former coach of FC Barcelona. Guardiola is said to know Chia because his children went to the same school as her.

The triangle of infidelity continues to expand and include names one could have never imagined. It is however said that Chia’s affair with Guardiola was to get even with Pique who went behind her back with a young lawyer.

There do not seem to be any problems between the couple in their public appearances or social media posts, but one knows that the world of the internet seldom represents reality.

Pep Guardiola

The World Cup winner interestingly talked on Gerard Romero’s stream earlier this week about people’s infatuation with approval and the need for a braver and more open-minded community.

People of 15, 18, 30 years old looking for the approval of others to do what they want… But what kind of world do we live in? With IG filters, ‘I have to look better’… Let people do whatever they want. People just don’t get it.

He also addressed the media’s attention on his personal life and defended his position by saying that everyone had the right to live life by their rules.

We are born to do whatever we want. If they don’t agree, I don’t care. If you are famous, they try to find flaws in you. If you are successful, it’s because you have a lot of money. If you’re not successful, you’re a failure. It’s always the same. Live your life.

Pique has seemingly shifted into business after his mid-season retirement at Barcelona. His latest venture, The Kings League’s final four stages, saw over 2 million people worldwide tune in, in addition to 90,000 fans at Spotify Camp Nou.

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