Tribal War: Igbo Woman Threatens To Poison Her Yoruba Husband Following Abysmal Guber Election In Lagos State



Various Tribes in Nigeria

The threat issued by MC Oluomo, a stalwart of the ruling party party, All Progressive Congress (APC) and the president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu  to the Igbos days prior to the 2023 gubernatorial election seems to have incited a bit of a tribal war between the Igbos, Southeasterners and the Yorubas, those who predominantly occupy the Southwestern part of Nigeria.

Tribal war or intertribal warfare can simply be described as the feud, battle or altercation between two or more major ethnic clan in a nation or a country.

An Igbo woman married to a Yoruba man has shown how much the “attack on Igbos” in Lagos is affecting her marriage.

Why Is The Igbo Woman Feeling Threatened In Her Matrimonial Home?

MC Oluomo whose real name is Musiliu Akinsanya on Thursday, March 16 threatened ‘Iya Chukwudi’, a slur word for Igbos, telling them to stay in their various homes if they have no intention of supporting and voting for the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the coming Gubernatorial election.

Though Oluomo came out 24 hours later to clarify the statement, claiming he was only referring to a certain ‘Iya Chukwudi’, a food vendor, there were reports of assault and attack on those are from the Easterner part of Nigeria, additionally, those who were not in support of the ruling party were disenfranchised at their polling units. As a matter of fact, there were videos of political thugs carrying out attacks on voters across Lagos state.

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After the gubernatorial election was concluded, Oluomo went on social media to berate ‘Igbos’, stating that ‘Lagos belongs to the Yorubas’ before going on to call Labour Party supporters, ‘Obidiots’.

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Following the misdemeanor and violent conduct by APC political thugs during the voting exercise, certain social media users have exuded animosity towards other tribes- this time around, it’s an Igbo woman threatening to poison her own husband, a Yoruba man.

When a Twitter user wrote about the continued attacks, an Igbo woman revealed that the incident made her speak to her Yoruba husband in a harsh manner and they both cried.

A Twitter user then told her to “divorce him.”

The wife replied, “I will cos i might end up poisoning him with the way i feel.”

Read the statement below,

Conversations among Twitter users

This is coming after Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for Labour Party defeated Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos state during the 2023 presidential election that took place across the country on Saturday, February 25.

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