LinkedIn Adds AI-powered Writing Suggestions, Job Descriptions To Service



LinkedIn Premium subscribers can now generate descriptions based on their experience using the new “enhance” tool.

According to the company, the tool, which uses the same OpenAI models as ChatGPT, is intended to preserve “users’ unique voice and style” and will draw from their job experience and skills, as well as LinkedIn’s own “insights” into what makes a good profile.

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Moreover, the professional networking platform also said that it is starting to test AI-written job descriptions.

In such cases, hiring managers will only need to enter the job title, company name, and a few other basic details, and LinkedIn will generate a detailed draft of a relevant job description, the report said.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called — “collaborative articles”, which will use “AI-powered conversation starters” to begin discussions between “experts” on the platform.

The company will match articles with relevant members based on its skills graph, inviting them to contribute context, extra information, and advice for the articles.

The company believes that the system will make it easier for people to contribute their perspectives because “starting a conversation is harder than joining one”.

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